Who we are…

We are Heather and Jennifer, sister who live with our families in a small town in central North Carolina. When we were growing up we ate relatively healthy and were allowed only a sugary cereal once every six months (which Jennifer promptly ate in one sitting leaving none for her older sister). As we got older, and life became busier, our families strayed from whole foods and feasted on the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed convenience foods, soda, and fast food. Over the past ten years we both transitioned our families whole food based eating.  Both of us are very passionate about sharing our knowledge and recipes with others in hopes of inspiring them to a healthy way of eating. Heather is more of the cook while Jennifer is more of a baker.

Between us we have six children aged 23, 18, 13, 8, 5, and 3. Heather’s are the two oldest and Jennifer has the four younger ones. Heather graduated both her children from home schooling, the oldest now has a BA and the youngest is in college. Jennifer is also home schooling her children as well.



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